Top Reasons to Build an Email List

In this era, where social media plays a critical role in marketing, businesses forget to build email lists. They understand that they ought to be on the social channels, but when it comes to business email list, they are lost. This is where a serious problem comes in. If you want to take your business to another level, you need to have an email list. The following are some of the reasons you should have one.

You Do Not Control Social Media

building email listJust recently, Facebook rolled out an algorithm change. In this case, it was prioritizing content from newsfeeds. Thus, if you do not have money to up your game, you will find it difficult to compete. The problem with this is that it will become practically impossible to get free attention. This is an example of how social media can ruin your business. Thus, if you do not want to suffer time and money losses, you should build an email list. Even if you are on social media, you should build an email list.

Get More Money

They say that money is in the list. This is true as people will buy when they like, trust, and know you. The people in your email list are ready to purchase because they have opted to hear from you. If you have an email list, but you are not emailing, this is the right time to start. Just remind your customers that you exist.

Easy Way to Market

The truth is that emailing is quite easier as compared to coming up with a social media copy. As you know, emails are easy to write, and they are quite effective as far as getting your market to move to another level. You only need to write an email about the mundane things that happen in life and do relate it back to a product or service.

Effective than Social Media

email marketing serverEven though social media plays a great role and it has a lot of users, the truth is that people with email accounts are more than that of social media. Recent studies show that people check their emails first and not social accounts. Therefore, if you are planning to reach customers so that they can purchase from you, the right way to do it is get them on your list. It is a good idea to invest in an email list as it can be an asset you own.…